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Full Name: Ein Hazoki
Alias: Ein
Species: Weredragon
YoB: 1986
First seen: 4-24-2004
Description: Ein tends to be the center of attention. Mainly due to his recent transformation into a weredragon. It seems that everybody and their grandma wants a piece of Ein's apparent destructive power, and poor Ein has to cope with this daily. Ein tends to be naive, silly, and even child-like, but sometimes he's able to cross the boundry and act more adult, even sarcastic. Despite his personality, Ein is a genius in robotics and has created two robots, Beepleton and Wyvern. This got him into Baker University easily (against his wishes), and now he attends classes there (when he's not doing battle against the forces of evil). He befriended Rad, made peace between the frats and the dorms, and made a girlfriend out of Bianka. Boy, Ein's been through a lot, hasn't he?
Full Name: Beepleton Hazoki
Alias: Beeple, Beep
Species: Robot
YoB: 1999
First seen: 5-1-2004
Description: Ein's first successful robot creation and constant companion. It seems that wherever Ein goes, Beeple is there to add his unique sense of humor. Beeple seems to act a lot like Ein, but leans more towards the sarcastic side than the goofy side. He seems to overreact and question things a lot. Just like a Catholic mother, BUHZING! Anyway, Beeple went to college with Ein, and was the one who made him go in the first place. He often has a tendency to explode or get exploded or what-have-you.
Full Name: Wyvern Hazoki
Alias: Wyvern
Species: Robot
YoB: 2001
First seen: 4-24-2004
Description: Wyvern is a strange robot. He's Ein's second successful creation in the shape of a dragon. He acts sort of odd, in a goofy sort of way. He tends to say things randomly and watch strange things and he's just overall a weird dragon. He's not as clingy to Ein as Beeple, but he does seem to care for him more than Beeple. He chose to stay at home with Frank to take care of the ol' homestead.
Full Name: Frank Picklejuice
Alias: Frank
Species: Robot
YoB: Unknown (199?)
First seen: 6-5-2004
Description: Frank was built by A.J. Picklejuice to be a security robot for his company. He seems to have known Beepleton prior. He tends to be the more serious, calmer robot. He thinks things through, he uses common sense, basically the opposite of the other two robots. After helping Ein with curing his "problem", he ran away from Picklejuice and joined up with Ein's party. He also stayed home with Wyvern when Ein went off to college.
Full Name: Rad Picklejuice
Alias: Rad
Species: Human
YoB: 1986
First seen: 10-15-2004
Description: Rad is a wonder. He's a genius at inventing and genetics. He created the Transmoglifier 3000, which has the ability to turn anyone or anything into anything else. Rad is most likely a furry, as he tends to use his invention to turn himself or others into furries. Anyway, Rad seems to be a dedicated and loyal friend, but oftentimes he acts sarcastic, narcissistic, and sometimes even a jerk. Still, he's the best human friend Ein's got, and he does help Ein whenever he can, so that's gotta count for something. Rad is the nephew of A.J. Picklejuice, but luckily, Rad doesn't share his evil tendencies.
Full Name: Bianka Oriko
Alias: Bianka, Bi
Species: Human
YoB: 1986
First seen: 10-18-2004
Description: Bianka is the first (and maybe only) main girl role. She's a frat girl, but that doesn't keep her from being Ein's girlfriend. She admired his dedication and courage, but she didn't know of his weredragonness at the time. Now she does, but that hasn't stopped her either. Bianka tends to be overemotional, switching from appalled to depressed to furious, all in three seconds. Still, she's very caring and loving, but get on her bad side and watch out.
Full Name: Roland Ichigo
Alias: Roland
Species: Human
YoB: Unknown
First seen: 1-23-2005
Description: Roland is your typical hero. Dressed suspiciously like Robin Hood, he carries a large sword and fights for good and justice. Not much is known about Roland previous to our heroes' meeting him, but he seems to have led a fight against Dullahan's invasion of Nitralak. He was the only one to survive. He seems to be fighting not only for Ein, but for himself, and perhaps even for revenge. Roland is well-mannered and serious; he has no time for jokes. He's an excellent fighter, and he protects those who the forces of evil want for themselves, like poor Ein.
Full Name: Alexander Jeremiah Picklejuice
Alias: A.J. Picklejuice, A.J., Picklejuice
Species: Human (mostly)
YoB: 1979
First seen: 5-15-2004
Description: Picklejuice is our main villain. He constantly attempts to foil whatever Ein's doing. He's just a typical evil guy with a touch of sadism. He used to have his own company, printing the Transfornomicon, which has curses that have the power to turn anyone into anything. He was foiled in a court case, however, by Ein and his robots, and became the dean of Baker University, just to keep watch on Ein and Rad. Picklejuice is Rad's uncle, and now that I mention it, I can see the relationship...
Full Name: Dullahan
Alias: Dullahan
Species: Demon
YoB: Unknown
First seen: 1-9-2005
Description: Dullahan is really something. He's like an ultra-version of Picklejuice. Dullahan is a demon from another dimension that seems intent on conquering every other dimension. He seems to have an army of robots at his disposal, and the ability to shoot a beam of light from his fist. As you can also see, he's just a big shadow with glowing eyes and pointy teeth. As said before, Dullahan is like Picklejuice, but he is much more sinister. He acts less...human. He's a pretty extreme sadist as well, taking joy of the suffering and torment of others. Dullahan also enjoys making witty cracks at inappropriate times in his own favor.

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